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Africa – Add Race Map

The interactive map on this page displays running races which are scheduled to take place in Africa that have been added to

Using the code found below, you may freely add this map to any website or blog page to help your web visitors discover running events across all of Africa.

Map of Races in Africa

Races in Africa courtesy of Add a race. Add this Map.

Add This Map

To add the map of Africa races above, simply copy and paste the following code (within the box) exactly into your website:

<iframe name="race-calendar-map" src="" height="400" width="100%" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe><a href="">Races in Africa</a> courtesy of <a href=""></a>. <a href="">Add a race</a>. <a href="">Add this Map</a>.

Note – if posting into WordPress, be sure to paste on “HTML” view!

Add Other Race Maps

If you would like to add a race map for another region, or a specific part of the World, please click here for Regional Race Maps links. Please contact us if you need a "Made To Order" map.