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Welcome to the all new Tools area from

Why Tools for Runners & Websites?

Because we’ve got so many tools for runners and running websites at, we needed a way to let you know about all of them, in one place!

Because we love2run.

What Tools Do We Have?

For Runners:

  • Race Notifications – Stay up to date with the latest additions to in your region (free).
  • Accommodation – Find the best accommodation deals near your event. Search hotels and airbnb accommodation anywhere in the world.
  • Runners’ Newsletter – Stay up to date with the latest happenings at (free).
  • Facebook Race Maps App – For your Facebook profile, or your Facebook Pages (free).
  • Race Update Toolbar – Keep up with the latest races wherever you are on the web (free)
  • Regional Race Maps – to add to your running website or blog (free).
  • Regional Race RSS Feeds – knowledge is power, build your blog, or a personal list of regional races.
  • Regional Race Posters – help people find races near you, by printing out and sticking up one of our Regional Race Posters in a waiting room or running club HQ near you!

For Running Clubs / Health Websites / Regional Websites & Running Brands:

We’re always looking to add more tools and Apps to the selection powered by If you can’t find something here that you think we should be providing, please contact us – we want to help make the sport better for you.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again.

Because we love2run.