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Add Race Maps

The Regional Race Maps are one of the best features of

Anyone with a website, and an interest in running, or the health of the people who access their website, is more than welcome to add our Regional Race Maps – for free.

Because we love2run.

To get started, simply select choose from the below to drill down to your precise region – when you’re at the level for which you require a map, select “Add State Race Map”

Click here to add the Global Race Map.

Add Continental Race Maps:

If your website is a little more region specific, you may select the following country (and state / sub-regional) maps. We have listed the countries in order of popularity, with the countries with most races listed first.

United Kingdom – Add Country Race Map

United States of America – Add Country Race Map

Australia – Add Country Race Map

Canada – Add Country Race Map

Europe – Add Regional Race Map

Central & South America

Asia – Add State Race Map

Africa – Add State Race Map

Oceania – Add State Race Map

North America – Add State Race Map

It is possible for us to join regions together for bespoke maps to embed, or grab a map of any other region or state you require. If you want it, please ask for it. Contact us to make Map Requests.