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Map Embed Not Working in Firefox 14.0.1

The new version of Firefox has landed from the people at Mozilla – version number 14.0.1.

It is not clear why, just yet, but this version currently does not display our embeddable race maps correctly: if you are seeing a white space where once there was a race map, then you’ve probably just upgraded your browser to Firefox 14.0.1!

We have spent a number of hours investigating a fix, but it still eludes us thus far. We will have working code avialable as soon as possible: it might be that Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1 will never be compatible, but expect to hear more soon.

This issue also repeats on the Facebook App, too, though Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer both render the maps perfectly.

We will report back with a fix ASAP.

1 comment to Map Embed Not Working in Firefox 14.0.1

  • admin

    This issue is now fixed. One of our settings did not play nicely with new Firefox, and we have re-coded. A long day, but an improved!

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